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About us

Vision: SAK MX was inspired from all my days traveling during the Nationals and trying to keep up with Top Level Athletes. Looking for a place to train while on the road was the most difficult thing to Achieve. I want to provide a place for the up and coming racers that very place I wish I was prevalent too. A place that is secluded, quiet, can focus, train and put in solid moto’s. A facility limited to a handful of like-minded riders. A place you can work out, train and without any distractions.


About Myself: Growing up, I wanted to ride/race, it just wasn’t in the cards. When I was finally able to afford my own bike, I was a single working mom raising two kids, way past my prime. When I bought my bike, I also got my six year old son a bike and we both raced our first race that very next weekend. Clearly not knowing what we were doing but we had a great time. I ended up fifth overall and fell in love with racing and knew this was more than a dream. My son did as well. I took the fast track into learning everything possible, from taking Gary Semics schools and reading everything I can get my hands on, all while having my third child and trying to juggle raising kids while following my dream. We were a family that raced on weekends. I trained in the gym and put in the time on the bike daily. Went on to win several AMA Championships and eventually I worked my way up to finally earning my pro card and being able to race the WMX. I’m proud to say, I raced Women Pro Motocross and have two National Top Ten Championships. My children were completely supportive. During the time, I traveled, I saw a need for a place for the up and coming Amateurs to train and give them a home away from home environment as I wished was available during my racing career. Our goal at SAK MX is to focus on the rider’s mental and physical well-being, along with achieving their goals on and off the track. Parents give up so much of their time committed to their children’s dreams. I want parents to feel they can send their kids off for training and know their kid is still focused on the importance of education and still be mentally prepared for anything that comes their direction, all while being dedicated to their true passion.

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