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SAK MX Training Facility

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SAK MX was inspired from all my days traveling during the Nationals and trying to keep up with Top Level Athletes. Looking for a place to train while on the road was the most difficult thing to achieve. I want to provide a place for the up and coming racers that very place I wish I was prevalent too. A place that is secluded, quiet, can focus, train and put in solid moto’s. A facility limited to a handful of like-minded riders. A place you can work out without any distractions.

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SAK MX is an All-Inclusive Private Training Facility, with full accommodations to meet and exceed all rider’s needs, designed and created with the Racer in Mind. The Track consist of variations of Motocross and Supercross with sand and clay sections and with a State-of-the-Art Irrigation System. Including a starting gate and turn track, for all your training needs. For the comfort of our riders and guest, pit area and seating area are shaded with Beautiful Grand Oak Trees. Come train with us to experience every racer’s dream.

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